Peace Vigil in Crawford, Texas: "Bush brings in an Iraqi ringer (again)"

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Peace Vigil in Crawford, Texas: "Bush brings in an Iraqi ringer (again)"

"Bush brings in an Iraqi ringer again," Sharon Jumper posted August 15, 2005, on the Daily Kos.

News agencies reported that Cindy Sheehan "took the afternoon away from the campground to attend a luncheon with more than 100 people at the Peace House in Crawford, a base of operations for her supporters. She addressed the crowd to grateful applause and took pictures with anyone who asked.

"One of the attendees, an Iraqi woman who recently moved to the United States, drove with her husband from Washington, D.C., to thank Sheehan for her sacrifice. But the woman, May Hasan Lamotte, 37, did not agree with Sheehan's call to pull the troops out of Iraq.

"'I came after reading about Miss Cindy. They think their children are dead for nothing, and I am one who got freedom,' Lamotte said. 'I am grateful for her son and American soldiers. Everybody thinks (Casey) died for nothing. He gave his life as many other brave soldiers have to give me and my country freedom,' she said."

The problem is that Jumper saw this Iraqi woman who "then showed up on Hardball to swiftboat Cindy." Jumper noted that "Something about her didn't strike me as being right. There was a passing reference to her being married to an American journalist."

Conclusion? "The faux Iraqi woman on Hardball is married to Greg LaMotte with Voice of America (VOA)," Jumper wrote.

"Draw your own conclusions about what this agency is," Jumper added, "...and why a wife of one of their 'reporters' was put on national tv to attack a grieving mother."

LaMotte "referenced things that her uncles told her, but never discussed her own experiences in Iraq. She's probably never even lived there, I bet," Jumer said. "AND...Her husband is a 'journalist' (cough) for Voice of America (cough cough) that has been a source for purported Bin Laden tapes."

"Do you think it's a coincidence that the wife of a professional U.S. government propogandist [sic] shows up in BF Crawford to attack Cindy? Write MSNBC and Hardball and [Chris] Matthews and I imagine the other networks and any other news referencing this woman and let's get the truth out there. This truly shows how desparate [sic] the Bush Administration has become," Jumper wrote.

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