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People's Movement for Human Rights Learning

"Founded in 1988, the People's Decade of Human Rights Education (PDHRE-International) is a non-profit, international service organization that works directly and indirectly with its network of affiliates — primarily women's and social justice organizations — to develop and advance pedagogies for human rights education relevant to people's daily lives in the context of their struggles for social and economic justice and democracy." [1]

They are a member of the UN Democracy Caucus.

In 1997 Shulamith Koenig - Founder of PDHRE, Executive Director, President Emeritus, New York; and Peter Leuprecht was President.


Elected Presidium

  • Susana Chiarotti - President of CLADEM, a Latin American 17 country women's network- Argentina
  • Virginia B. Dandan - Chairperson, United Nations Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, Philippines.
  • Peter Leuprecht - Elected President, Austria/Canada - Dean Faculty of Law, McGill University, Canada; formerly Director of human rights and Deputy to SG, Council of Europe. UN Rapporteur on Cambodia.
  • Adama Samassekou - Former Minister of Basic Education, Republic of Mali, President PDHRE/ Africa, President of Preparatory Committee for the UN World Summit on the Information Society, Mali.

Executive Committee

  • Kamal Hossain - Elected Vice President, Bangladesh - Lawyer, Former Foreign Minister of Bangladesh. Rapporteur on Pakistan.
  • Betty Reardon - Vice President - Founding Member. Prof. of Peace & HR Education, Teachers College, Columbia University.
  • Stephen Marks - Elected Secretary - François-Xavier Bagnoud Professor of Health and Human Rights, Harvard School of Public Health. Formerly Prof. of HR Int'l. Law and UN Studies, Columbia Univ. and Human Rights Division UNESCO.
  • Daniel Solomon - Elected Treasurer, USA. - Founding Member. Lawyer- Labor law expert and donor.

Board Members

  • Upendra Baxi - Philosopher of Law and writer. Prof. of Law, Warwick University, Formerly Vice Chancellor Delhi University, India/UK.
  • Wolfgang Benedek - Professor, Director ETC, European Training Center for Human Rights and Democracy, Graz, Austria, Partner of PDHRE Europe
  • Fantu Cheru - Professor of African and Development Studies. American University, Washington DC. UN Rapporteur on Structural Adjustments and Debt, Ethiopia/USA.
  • Ivanka Corti - Former Chair of CEDAW and currently member of CEDAW, Italy
  • Satya Das - Author and human rights advocate, public policy consultant, Canada.
  • Cees Flinterman - Professor of International Human Rights, International Law, Netherlands.
  • Richard Goldstone - Justice, Constitutional Court of South Africa.
  • Iva Kaufman - A founding member of PDHRE, Media Consultant- New York
  • Miloon Kothari - Habitat International Coalition, Chair of the Committee on eviction & housing, UN Rapporteur on Housing, India.
  • Catherine Lalumiere - Member of the European Parliament, former Secretary General of the Council of Europe, France.
  • Walter Lichem - Director, UN Office of the Foreign Ministry of Austria, Former Ambassador of Austria to Canada, Formerly of UNDP, Austria.
  • Orly Lubin - Associate Professor, Chair of the Department of Poetics and Comparative Literature, Chair of MSJW Women Study Forum, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
  • Kathleen Modrowski - Professor, Social Anthropologist, Long Island University, NY, USA.
  • Jean-Louis Roy - President Right and Democracy, International Center for Human Rights and Democratic Development, Montreal, Canada.
  • Arjan Sengupta - Professor of International Economic Organization, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (India) and Independent Rapporteur) on the Right to Development, UN Human Rights Commission, India.
  • Danilo Turk - Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations for Political affairs. Former Ambassador of Slovenia to the UN. Law Professor, Slovenia.
  • Burns H. Weston - Bessie Dutton Murray Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus and Director, The University of Iowa Center for Human Rights, USA


  • Elsa Stamatopoulou - Director, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, UN Office, New York, Greece/USA.
  • Shulamith Koenig - Founder, Executive Director, Israel/USA.


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