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Jump to navigation Jump to search "provides a global review and internet gateway into the issues of population, poverty, health, consumption and the environment. It is published by Planet 21, an independent non-profit company and a registered British charity recognised by the United Nations.

"Launched in September 2000, this website replaced People & the Planet, the acclaimed quarterly international magazine. Planet 21 will continue to publish Special Reports on topical themes from time to time. Planet 21 also produces videos and assists in the publication of occasional books.

"The work of reflects the independence and authority of our five major sponsors and associated non-governmental organisations (see Our Partners).

"Our institutional sponsors are the United Nations Population Fund, the World Conservation Union, the World Wide Fund for Nature International, the International Planned Parenthood Federation and the Swedish Development Co-operation Agency.

"Funding support comes from WWF UK, individual donors and carefully monitored advertising. We are especially indebted to the late Dr F.S.Gorbani for her generous support for our advocacy work including women's rights and family planning." [1]

Planet 21 people

  • People and Planet's website "under the overall editorial direction of John Rowley".
  • People and Planet's Associate Editor is Jeremy Hamand

Contributing Editors are: Norman Myers, Don Hinrichsen and Henrylito Tacio. [2]

Editorial Board

Accessed September 2008: [3]

"Our International Advisory Board is made up as follows:

  • George Benneh, Vice Chancellor, University of Ghana
  • Malin Falkenmark, Professor Emeritus of International Hydrology, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Ivan Hattingh, President Emeritus of the Television Trust for the Environment (TVE) and former Director of Development, WWF UK
  • Robert Lamb, former Executive Director, TVE
  • Mari Simonen, Director of Technical and Policy Division, UNFPA
  • Pietronella van den Oever, Economic Development Institute, The World Bank
  • Syed Ayub Qutub, Director of the Pakistan Institute for Environment-Development Action Research, Islamabad
  • Beth Robinson, Family Health International, USA.
  • Fred Sai, former President of IPPF, Ghana
  • Elaine Shaughnessy, Director of Publications, IUCN
  • M.S. Swaminathan, Honorary Director, Centre for Research on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development, Madras, India
  • Patricia Waak, former Director Population Program, Audubon, Boulder, Colorado



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