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Biographical Information

"Peter Kindersley – husband to Juliet, father to Rosie and Barnabas, and Grandfather to Max, Lily Rose, Orlando and Poppy – is also owner and Chairman of Neal’s Yard Remedies, owner of Sheepdrove Organic Farm, co-founder of Dorling Kindersley, and recipient of this year’s Outstanding Achievement Award from The Natural & Organics Awards 2011." "In 2000 Peter sold the publishing company, and in 2006 he and his family took their passion for organic living to the world of beauty with the purchase of Neal's Yard Remedies."

"When DK started publishing, the 3rd book was John Seymour’s Completer Book of Self Sufficiency. It was a major success and we sold a million copies in Germany alone – unusually it is still in print more than 30 years later! John had the biggest impact on my interest in the environment. When we were creating the book he’d often come to stay with us in London. We’d walk to work together and talk about the difference between agriculture and agribusiness, the intensive model man has created. He made me aware how the Berkshire Downs were being sprayed with all sorts of toxic, polluting chemicals. I knew there had to be a better way, a way that respected wildlife, the environment and people. Juliet had already converted to organic gardening under Lawrence D. Hill’s wonderful books, and we haven’t looked back since." He adds that "We are all involved in a small charity that we set up early on, and we all decide who we give to – Slow Food being one of the most important at present along with The Cancer Prevention & Education Society." [1]

His daughter Rosie runs a specialist bookshop Books for Cooks. His son Barnabas lives not far away in Hampstead.


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