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Phillip Stutts served as National Director, 72-Hour Task Force, Republican National Committee for Bush-Cheney '04.[1]

In a February 14, 2005, press release, Stutts announced the "creation of Phillip Stutts & Company, LLC, a Washington, D.C. based political and public affairs grassroots consulting firm. Phillip Stutts & Company, LLC, will offer strategic grassroots and communications consulting benefiting Republican candidates, political campaigns, state Republican parties, trade associations and corporate clients.

"Phillip has spent the past nine years organizing winning political campaigns from the local level to the national level serving as a grassroots, communications, and fundraising strategist."

Stutts "previously worked for Vice President Dan Quayle, Senator John Thune, and managed Congressman Bobby Jindal’s gubernatorial campaign in 2003. He has also served at the Republican National Convention (1996), National Republican Senatorial Committee (1997), Republican National Committee (1999-2001), and the U.S. Department of Education (2001-2002)."

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