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The Portman Group was set up in 1989 by the UK's leading drinks producers, which together supply the majority of the alcohol sold in the UK. The organisation promotes responsible consumption of alcohol on behalf of the UK drinks industry and to to "foster a balanced understanding of alcohol-related issues". Their website states:

An "educate and prevent" approach is more effective than blanket controls. Alcohol harm reduction measures should target the minority who misuse alcohol rather than the responsible drinking majority.

On October 1 2005, the Financial Times reported that the Labour government Ministers was to respond to concerns they have been "captured" by the licensing industry by overhauling the government-sponsored group, Portman Group, that carries out research on the impact of binge-drinking. [1]

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport is expected to remove the Portman Group, the industry body, from the government-sponsored Alcohol Education and Research Council after a row about the influence that drinks producers have over studies on alcohol misuse. [2]

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