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Portugal is a country in southwestern Europe on the Atlantic Ocean and touching Spain. In the 1970s, Portugal gave up Angola, Mozambique, and other colonies. [1] In 1999, it gave up the last of its colonies by turning over the territory of Macau to China. [2]


The BBC says of the country's media:

Portugal's commercial TV stations command a lion's share of the viewing audience, and provide tough competition for the cash-strapped public broadcaster. The future of public broadcasting has generated heated political debate. The second public TV channel and a public radio network survived closure threats in 2002. Public radio networks are operated by RDP. The Roman Catholic Church owns the widely-listened-to Radio Renascenca.[2]

Statistics 1950-1975

  • US trained military personnel: 2997
  • US military aid: $361,900,000
  • This country practiced torture on an administrative basis during this period
  • This country underwent significant political change during the 1970s


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