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Primax Electronics

Primax Electronics is the leading global supplier in consumer and business electronics. It produces scanners, printers, multifunctional peripherals, mice/pointing devices, surge protectors, broadband products, shredders, laminators, binders, trimmers, Bluetooth accessories, headsets, and MP3 players. The company’s operations span the entire world; it has headquarters and R&D in Taiwan and manufacturing operations in China[1].

Company History

Primax Electronics was founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 1984. In 1987, its first overseas manufacturing plant was established in Taiwan, and in 1989 it set up manufacturing operations in China. Between 1989 and 1991, Primax Electronics established its first overseas offices in San Jose, USA, and Europe. In 1995, a big step was taken when the company was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. In 1997, Primax opened its offices in Japan. In 2003, it began to use the New Manufacturing Plant in Li Wiu, Dong Guan. In 2006, it merged with Destiny Technology Co. Ltd[2].

Political and Public Influence

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Political Contributions


Corporate Accountability

On its webpage, the company proclaims itself as “committed to conform laws, prevent pollution and economize resource, focusing on safety and health, execute total communication and eternal improvement. Primax provides products and services friendly to the global environments in terms of human safety and health”[3].


Human Rights


28 July 2004: “How clean is your computer now?” [4][5]

The article refers to a campaign called “Clean up your computer”. When the article was published, the campaign had been launched 6 months before. According to the article, the campaign was very useful not just for its main environmental proposal but also for putting the issue of labor standards on the agenda of the three leader computer giants (Primax Electronics being one of them). The three of them adopted a code of conduct and are were implementing it by 2004. However, the codes still don´t match international UN standards.

Consumer Protection and Product Safety

Anti-Trust and Tax Practices

Social Responsibility Initiatives

Business Scope

Lines of Business and Major Products Paragraph Units/Subsidiaries

Customers Suppliers Creditors Competitors
Customer 1 Supplier 1 Creditor 1 Competitor 1
Customer 2 Supplier 2 Creditor 2 Competitor 2
Customer 3 Supplier 3 Creditor 3 Competitor 3
Customer 4 Supplier 4 Creditor 4 Competitor 4

Financial Information (as of DATE)

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Investor Website:

Shareholder % Total Shares held
Shareholder 1 % Held 1
Shareholder 2 % Held 2
Shareholder 3 % Held 3
Shareholder 4 % Held 4

Largest Shareholders

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Country Revenue Profits Assets Employees
Country 1 Revenue 1 Profit 1 Assets 1 Employees 1
Country 2 Revenue 2 Profit 2 Assets 2 Employees 2
Country 3 Revenue 3 Profit 3 Assets 3 Employees 3
Country 4 Revenue 4 Profit 4 Assets 4 Employees 4


Executives Board members/affiliations Executive director/compensation Date and venue of next AGM

Contact Information

- Taiwan[6]

No. 669 Ruey Kung Road, Neihu Taipei, Taiwan.

Tel: 8862 (2) 27989008

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