Princeton Against Protectionism

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Princeton Against Protectionism

"Around the world, the forces of protectionism are economically stifling and ultimately immoral. Often responding to political pressures, rich countries like the U.S. have entrenched economic measures intended to protect domestic food suppliers. Trade-distorting agricultural subsidies and tariffs prevent all nations, both rich and poor, from maximizing economic growth, and they cut off poor workers' access to markets in developing countries and lead to higher prices in rich countries, thereby hurting the poor in developing and developed nations alike. PAP is currently acting to reverse these trends by inspiring and supporting efforts to reduce agricultural subsidies and tariffs in America in three distinct but related ways. First, we organize lectures, discussions, and other events to raise awareness and interest in freer trade on the Princeton campus. Second, we lobby the U.S. government to be more aggressive in liberalizing trade. Finally, we are working – together with Princeton Oxfam – toward making Princeton the first Oxfam-certified Fair Trade University in America. In these ways, PAP is directing efforts to reduce the influence of protectionism and encourage a more liberal trade policy." [1]

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