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Pro Mujer "is a women’s development and microfinance network that provides Latin America’s poorest women with financial services and business development training to initiate or improve their small businesses, as well as health education and linkages with health services to avoid illness and maintain their health and the health of their families." [1]

"Bolivia is the first and largest affiliate of Pro Mujer International, a microfinance network dedicated to empowering Latin America women to lift themselves out of poverty through access to microfinance and health services. With partners in Peru, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Argentina, the network serves an estimated 124,000 women, with more than 70,000 in Bolivia alone...

"Pro Mujer’s initial contact with the Grameen model began in the mid-1990s when Carmen Velasco, the co-founder of Pro Mujer and country director in Bolivia, visited Grameen Bank in Bangladesh to receive training on the implementation of microfinance. Impressed with her work and commitment, Grameen Trust provided Pro Mujer Bolivia with a $60,000 loan.

"Pro Mujer Bolivia became a Grameen Foundation “high growth partner” in 2005, a categorization reserved for only the most promising microfinance institutions with the potential to reach large numbers of new families during GF’s 2004-8 strategic plan. High growth partners are expected to adhere to very high standards of performance and accountability, and receive increased financial and technical support in recognition of their achievements and potential...

"Pro Mujer was awarded the Grameen Foundation "2006 Pioneer in Microfinance Award."" [2]


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