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  • David Eisenhower and Alix Burack, The Wages of War, undated (2003).
  • Eva Sion, "ISA is a Gray Fox, or maybe it's just the P2POG,", undated (2003).
  • Chris Floyd, New U.S. Covert Agency to "Stimulate" Terrorists, Issue # 50 Press for Conversion!, January 2003.
  • Kurt Nimmo, Inventing Crimes. The FBI-CIA Entrapment Tag Team, CounterPunch, February 1, 2003.
  • Deranged Agendas of Bush Gang, Dove NESARA Updates, February 19, 2003.
  • Dan Eggen and Robert O'Harrow Jr., U.S. Steps Up Secret Surveillance. FBI, Justice Dept. Increase Use of Wiretaps, Records Searches, The Washington Post, March 23, 2003.
  • Chris Floyd, "The Pentagon Plan to Provoke Terrorist Attacks," Message Board, June 21, 2003.
  • Jack Dalton,$87 Billion Extortion and Theft,, October 11, 2003: "It seems good old Don Rummy-fool has a brand new covert trouble-making group. Are you ready for the "Proactive Preemptive Operations Group?" 100 people with a $100 million a year budget. It just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? Their job, "…missions designed to "stimulate reactions" among "terrorists" groups, provoking them into committing acts of violence which would then expose them to "counterattack" by U.S. forces." As if we don't have problems enough, these fools want to go out and deliberately incite murder and mayhem!"
  • Pentagon takes quiet aim at terror. Military amassing more secret warriors,, November 13, 2003: "The covert side of the military's special operations force resides in a sub-command, known as the Joint Special Operations Command. Based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, it reportedly has command of the Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta, or Delta Force, a secretive counterterrorism unit. ... William Arkin, a private military and intelligence expert who has written about the Pentagon's efforts to expand covert capabilities, says Rumsfeld is building up 'an elite secret army' and that this emphasis on covert action reflects Pentagon frustrations with the performance of the CIA and other intelligence agencies. ... 'Insulated from outside pressures, armed with matchless weapons and technology, trained to operate below the shadow line, the Pentagon's black world of classified operations holds out the hope of swift, decisive action' in the war on terror, Arkin wrote recently in The Los Angeles Times. ... This approach fits with Rumsfeld's emphasis on pre-empting future terrorist attacks, in the wake of September 11, 2001, rather than relying on the military's traditional approach of organizing forces to defend against or to deter attacks. ... In fact, the word 'pre-emptive' is in the name given a proposed new counter-terrorism organization. The Proactive Preemptive Operations Group..."


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