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"Competition to get a PR photograph covered is tough," Jim Sulley, the Director of Photography at the New York office of the Newscast photo agency told the U.S. PR trade publication, O’Dwyers PR Services Report.

"What I tell clients is, 'If there is going to be a story on how people take laptops to Starbucks now and a newspaper is looking for a picture of someone using a computer at Starbucks, shouldn't it be your computer in the picture?'" the November 2004 edition of the O’Dwyers reported.

In a "10 tips for powerful photos" list Sully recommended "Don’t overbrand photos; the caption can convey branding. Advertising photos belong in ads".

"It is also vital to avoid falling into the trap of trying to advertise or market businesses, products and services in a way that turns picture editors off," he cautioned.

"Ultimately the picture editor is a gatekeeper who looks out for great reportage; an image that tells a story in an instant. That's what PR people should be aiming to achieve," Sulley told O’Dwyer’s.

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  • Jerry Walker, "Picture power and how to use it", O'Dwyer's PR Services Report, November 2004, page 42. (Only available online via Nexis).