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Raed Jarrar is a half-Iraqi, half-Palestinian blogger, activist and architect residing in California.

Jarrar was in Iraq during and after the 2003 invasion, and "he took a part in a number of humanitarian and political projects there including two first-hand experiences in establishing and leading volunteer motivated grassroots organizations and NGOs based in Iraq. Raed was the country director of CIVIC Worldwide" in Iraq, "the only door-to-door casuality survey in post war Iraq. He also established an NGO called 'Emaar' that carried out work in Baghdad and the nine cities of the south in coordinating with local authorities, community leaders and other NGO. Emaar implemented hundreds of community-based projects around the country with extremely low budget.

"Raed left the Middle East and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2005. He maintains a popular web-log [Raed In the Middle] that includes analysis and news summary regarding Iraqi and the Middle East. In addition, Raed's blog includes a proposal for an exit strategy from Iraq under the title The Iraqi Roadmap." [1]

Jarrar, as the director of Iraq Survey, worked in collaboration with the US-based CIVIC directed by Marla Ruzicka." [2]

Blogs & Websites

  • A Family in Baghdad Blog.
  • raed and the Irani Blog.
  • Raed In the Middle Blog, with archived posts to March 22, 2004.
  • Also see CIVIC (Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict) website.

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