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"Ramtha's teachings emphasize that each individual is responsible for their own reality, that your thoughts and attitudes affect and create your life, and that you can intentionally change your life by artfully changing your thought. Ramtha communicates his wisdom by channeling through the body of JZ Knight. JZ Knight began publicly channeling Ramtha in 1979. RSE was established in 1988 in Yelm, Washington, and more than 100,000 people from around the world have attended Ramtha's events." [1]


  • Clark, Nancy, and Nick Gallo. "Do You Believe in Magic - New Light on the New Age," Family Circle, Feb. 23, 1993, p. 99. According to Clark and Gallo, an estimated 3,000 people are enrolled in Knight's school, with as many as 1,500 living in the Tacoma area. Five years later she is still going strong.
  • Gardner, Martin. The New Age: Notes of a Fringe Watcher (Buffalo, NY: Prometheus Books, 1988).

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