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Randy A. Alcorn, "is a career financial and business operations executive who began writing opinion columns in April 2000 for the then New York Times owned Santa Barbara News-Press where he had served as CFO for 23 years. His biweekly column, entitled Right On Target, garnered a broad audience among News-Press readers and is currently published in several newspapers along California’s central coast. His writings have been variously described as unusual, iconoclastic, clinically logical, and blatantly forthright. While often labeled a Libertarian by those who require the convenience of categorization, he is not affiliated with any political party, religion, or ideology, and prefers to apply independent objectivity to the examination of issues and topics ranging from politics and economics to religion and human social behavior.Alcorn is a Michigan native, a cum laude graduate of Eastern Michigan University, who relocated to Santa Barbara, California in 1972 where, along with his wife and two daughters, he continues to reside." [1]

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