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Arthur G. Randol III, known as Randy Randol, was a lobbyist/senior environmental advisor at ExxonMobil until retiring at the end of 2003.


Randol earned an MSE in 1967 and a PhD in 1969 from the University of Florida.[1]


In 1998, Randol was a member of the 1998 Global Climate Science Communications Team whose leaked memo laid out plans for a climate disinformation campaign.

In 2001, Randol lobbied for the removal of Robert Watson as IPCC head.[2], [3]; Watson was replaced with Rajendra Pachauri a year later. The memo, titled "Global Climate Science - Issues for 2001", can be seen on the NRDC's website.[4]

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  1. Winter 2004 Newsletter. University of Florida, Nuclear & Radiological Engineering (2004-01). Retrieved on 2010-01-02. “Arthur G. (Randy ) Randol III (’67, MSE, ‘69 Ph.D.-NES) retired the end of December. He was the senior environmental advisor for ExxonMobil Corp. in their Washington Office. Dr. Randol initiated and was co-contributor (with ExxonMobil) to the Roberto Pagano Memorial Scholarship, which continues to be a key source of scholarship funds for undergraduate and graduate NRE students each year.”
  2. Exxon’s Weapons Of Mass Deception(pdf). Greenpeace. Retrieved on 2010-01-2. “In April 2002 Dr Robert Watson was removed from the chair of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) ...[following] concerted lobbying by the Bush Administration at the behest of ExxonMobil. Watson had been a powerful voice in support of action to tackle climate change... Within days of Bush entering the White House, a fax sent by Arthur G. Randol III, senior environmental advisor at ExxonMobil, was sent to the new administration. It was prefaced with a comment that he would ‘call to discuss the recommendations regarding the team that can better represent the Bush Administration’. The memo went on to specifically ask: ‘Can Watson be replaced at the request of the US?’... The answer, evidently, was ‘yes’.”
  3. Timothy Noah (2002-04-02). Exxon-Mobil, Bush, and global warming. Slate Magazine. Retrieved on 2010-01-2. “Exxon Mobil lobbyist Randy Randol (who declined to take Chatterbox's phone call today) did indeed forward a memo to John Howard, senior policy associate at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, a little more than a year before the Bushies announced their decision to ditch Watson.”
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