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The Renewable Energy Foundation is a front group or a think tank opposed to the widespread introduction of wind farms.[1]

Dr John Constable, director of policy and research is reported as saying "The Government's plans for wind are wildly unrealistic. Wind power is going to be very expensive, very difficult and ultimately very costly."[2]


The Renewable Energy Foundation provides "strong support" for local objectors to planning applications for windfarms. [3] Dr Constable is reported to tour the country to give speeches at local planning meetings opposing wind farms on behalf of the REF. One environmental activist described the organization thus "The Renewable Energy Foundation is a sham organisation; it has nothing to do with renewable energy. It is a front for industrial lobby groups which have interests in fossil fuels and nuclear power." [4]

The REF approves of the Conservative Party's approach to the economics of energy. Dr Constable, said “Subsidies in the energy sector have distorted investment patterns and left the UK with a dysfunctional and unbalanced electricity sector, as well as imposing disproportionate and rising costs on the consumer. ”[5]

The REF has consistently and vociferously opposed the Renewables Obligation.[6] The Renewables Obligation is the current main mechanism for supporting large scale generation of renewable electricity.[7] Instead the REF argue that carbon capture and storage (known as clean coal) is a viable and mature proposition.[8]

Charitable status and funding

The Renewable Energy Foundation received over £300 000 in donations in 2009, but the source of funding is obscure.[9] It is reported that popular UK game Show host Noel Edmonds is a contributor[10] , indeed his name appears on the Company's Annual Report.[9]

The REF is registered charity number 1107360, the declared activity is :"to advance the education of the public in subjects related to sustainable development and the protection, enhancement and rehabilitation of the environment."[11]


Accessed May 2013:[12]  

Technical Advisory Group

Accessed May 2013:[13]

Staff and trustees (old)

The Technical Advisory Group of the REF contains many familiar names, some not otherwise associated with opposition to wind power, such as Professor Niall Ferguson.

Contact details

21 John Adam Street
Phone: 020 7930 3636
Email: press AT

Company Registration Number 5222782
Registered Charity number 1107360

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