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" is a program of the Post Carbon Institute (PCI). From 2004 to 2012 the site was known as "Energy Bulletin." Over the years Energy Bulletin broadened its coverage from peak oil and energy to include other resource depletion, related issues, and articles which describe, encourage or educate on meaningful responses — in essence, the task of building resilience. From this came the inspiration to create, which combines the best of the Energy Bulletin with the addition of sections for Groups engaged in building resilience, and Resources — a combination of user-generated and Post Carbon Institute media and reports.

"The articles section of this site is maintained by three editors: Kristin Sponsler and Simone Osborn in Bristol (UK), and Bart Anderson in California (US). Adam Grubb (writing as Adam Fenderson) and Liam Cranley of Melbourne, Australia, founded Energy Bulletin in 2004. In January 2009, Energy Bulletin was adopted as a core program by the Post Carbon Institute and in 2012 relaunched as Except for PCI, is unaffiliated with any private, government, or institutional body." [1]

Resources and articles

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