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The group Restore the Gulf, and web site, are said to be funded by major oil companies including BP, Shell, Citgo, Chevron and ExxonMobile and both the group and the web site appeared around the third week of July, 2010. is not affiliated with the closely-named, government-run Web site, "Restore the Gulf" ( encourages citizens to sign a petition that says, "I demand that a plan to restore America's Gulf be fully funded and implemented for me and future generations." ThinkProgress concludes that the group implies that American taxpayers, not the oil industry, should pay for restoring the coastal regions poisoned by BP's Deepwater Horizon oil disaster of 2010. [1] The group is "presented" by Women of the Storm, and Restore the Gulf's web site says, "The Women of the Storm will secure as many signatures to the petition as possible before delivering the results to Congress and the Obama administration to show strong national support for funding and implementation of coastal restoration."[2]


Women of the Storm denies oil companies are funding their "Restore the Gulf" campaign, although they do partner with America's Wetland Foundation, a front group created in 2002 by Shell, and funded by the American Petroleum Institute, BP and a host of other oil industry companies.[3] [4][5]


There is no contact information for Restore The Gulf on its Web site.

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