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The following are External Links for articles, commentary and other information about Richard A. Clarke for all years other than 2004.

See external links for 2004, which includes articles and information regarding Clarke's book Against All Enemies: Inside America's War on Terror (ISBN 0743260244) and Richard A. Clarke's testimony before the 9/11 Commission.

Please note that some links for articles on Richard A. Clarke are inactive or have been removed from their respective websites. They have been relocated to here. Quotes and other citations still intact.



By Richard A. Clarke

Articles & Commentary


  • Michael Dobbs, "An Obscure Chief in U.S. War on Terror," Washington Post, April 2, 2000: "Richard Clarke witnessed the dawn of the millennium in a top-secret government communications vault, monitoring intelligence traffic for any sign of activity by Islamic terrorist groups loyal to Osama bin Laden. It was not until midnight in California--3 a.m. Washington time--that the Clinton administration's counterterrorism chief finally permitted himself a celebratory sip of champagne. ... Four weeks before, Clarke had sketched out a plan on the whiteboard in his office at the National Security Council for neutralizing the latest threat from the Afghanistan-based Saudi exile. Approved by President Clinton and his top foreign policy advisers, Clarke's plan became the basis of administration efforts to prevent bin Laden supporters from ringing in the New Year with what officials believed could be dozens, perhaps hundreds, of American deaths in a series of simultaneous attacks from the Middle East to the West Coast."