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6. Overseas visits

26 November-1 December 2002, to Ottawa, Canada, to give the keynote address at an event on edemocracy organised as part of the Crossing Boundaries programme and to hold a series of meetings on edemocracy with Canadian NGOs, Parliamentarians and civil servants. Flights to Ottawa and hotel bills paid for by the Centre for Collaborative Government, a Canadian thinktank which organised the conference. (Registered 11 March 2003)

11-13 March 2003, to Athens, Greece, as keynote speaker to a conference on the future of the Parthenon sculptures organised by Hazlis and Rivas, the organisers of the Economist Conferences for Greece. I was provided with economy class return flight to Athens and hotel accommodation by the organisers of the conference, which had a number of sponsors including Ernst and Young and the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. (Registered 16 April 2003)