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Sir Richard Doll is a renowned epidemiologist who was secretly paid a large consultancy fee, at times reaching $1,500 a day, by chemical giant Monsanto for over 20 years, during which time he was investigated the cancer risks of the chemicals industry

According to a Guardian newspaper report, "While he was being paid by Monsanto, Sir Richard wrote to a royal Australian commission investigating the potential cancer-causing properties of Agent Orange, made by Monsanto and used by the US in the Vietnam war. Sir Richard said there was no evidence that the chemical caused cancer." [1]

"Documents seen by the Guardian reveal that Sir Richard was also paid a £15,000 fee by the Chemical Manufacturers Association and two other major companies, Dow Chemicals and ICI, for a review that largely cleared vinyl chloride, used in plastics, of any link with cancers apart from liver cancer - a conclusion with which the World Health Organisation disagrees. Sir Richard's review was used by the manufacturers' trade association to defend the chemical for more than a decade." [2]

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