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Richard North (not to be confused with the other Richard North who writes under the name Richard D North for various right wing think tanks) is a right-wing blogger who runs this blog. "He is a full-time parliamentary researcher with a PhD and has also worked for newspapers (currently researching for the Sunday Telegraph) since 1992." He has also written for Private Eye under the nom de plume 'Muckspreader'[1]

North coined the term 'Amazongate' and was central to the story , whence claims from his blog were reprinted by the Sunday Times in an article by Jonathan Leake and later withdrawn by the Sunday Times. It is still the subject of legal proceedings.[2]

Richard North is Christopher Booker's long term collaborator.[3]

External Articles

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Richard North’s problem with reality: or, how a climate change denier trashes his own professional reputation[5]


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