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Richard Wiley is Managing Partner of Wiley Rein & Fielding LLP, a "Washington, D.C. law firm with over 250 attorneys and the largest communications practice in the United States ... where he represents clients in the communications and wireless industries as well as broadcast media and content providers." Wiley is the former Chairman, Commissioner and General Counsel of the Federal Communications Commission (1970-77). [1][2]


Bill McConnell wrote June 27, 2005, in Broadcasting & Cable that "Dick Wiley was chairman of the FCC from 1974 to 1977 but remains the most prominent telecommunications lawyer and lobbyist in Washington. Eight FCC chairmen have come and gone since he left the agency, but none have the ability to influence telecommunications policy like the Illinois native.

"Not long after leaving the FCC helm, Wiley was asked to head the agency’s Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Service, where he helped design America’s digital-television standard.

"Through the law firm he founded with Nixon administration aides Bert Rein and Fred Fielding, he has salted the White House, the FCC and congressional staff with acolytes who once worked at their firm.

"Alums of Wiley Rein & Fielding typically go to senior government posts and often return to the firm as partners, assuring clients access to Capitol Hill, the FCC and the Oval Office. Current FCC Chairman Martin was an associate at Wiley’s firm, and new FCC Media Bureau Chief Donna Gregg was a partner. Past FCC Commissioner Sherrie Marshall also worked there, as did former National Telecommunications and Information Administration chief Nancy Victory and lobbyist Alex Vogel, another name on the B&C power list.

"The beneficiaries of Wiley’s deep connections in Washington include a blue-chip list of clients. Among them: CBS and parent company Viacom; radio giant Clear Channel; station groups Belo, Emmis, Gannett and Gray Television; and the Newspaper Association of America." [3]

Roseanne Gerin wrote a year earlier that Wiley is "probably the only lawyer in town who's won an Emmy. The former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (1970-77), who advocates increased competition and reduced regulation in the communications industry, received the award in 1997 for his work promoting high-definition television. 'Now I only have to win an Oscar,' he said."

"Lately, he has been tuned into voice over Internet Protocol, as Congress has recently introduced legislation to regulate the service, which he believes will dominate the telecommunications industry during the next few years." [4]

"A native of Illinois, Dick Wiley graduated with distinction from Northwestern (B.S. and J.D. degrees) and holds a Masters Degree in Law (LL.M.) from Georgetown. He has received distinguished alumnus awards from each University as well as a Honorary Doctor of Laws from Catholic University. He has served as President of the Federal Bar and Federal Communications Bar Associations and Chair of the American Bar’s Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice Section, the Advisory Board of Columbia University’s Institute for Tele-Information, and The Media Institute’s Board of Trustees." [5]

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