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Robert Wright, Jr., an FBI agent in Chicago with ten years experience and who served as a member of an FBI counterterrorism taskforce, has "written an unpublished book attacking the agency's counterterrorist activities." Wright said that "the bureau is preventing him from airing his criticisms." [1] [2]

"Chicago-based FBI Special Agent Robert Wright, who worked in counterterrorism from 1993-1999 [has] written a manuscript entitled Fatal Betrayals of the Intelligence Mission, which he says exposes the FBI's inabilities to conduct anti-terror intelligence operations. The manuscript also provides guidelines for how Wright believes the entire FBI needs to be restructured.... He is seeking permission from the FBI to publish the manuscript, but Klayman (Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman, who is filing Wright's petition to get permission to publish a transcript on FBI mismanagement) suggested that could be a long wait, especially since Wright is under threat of retribution should he talk to members of Congress about what he knows.... Wright said throughout his six-year posting in counter-terrorism, he was involved in probes of HAMAS and Hezbollah. His most successful 'get' netted $1.4 million in terrorist money in 1998, money that he said today was linked to Saudi businessman and financier Yassin Kadi, who was identified late last year as a close associate of Osama bin Laden."[3]

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