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Rosaleen Duffy "is a Professor in Centre for International Politics, and before joining CIP she worked at the Universities of Lancaster and Edinburgh. She is primarily interested in political ecology, the global politics of conservation, the environmental impact of criminalisation and the politics of tourism. She is linked to the Smithsonian Elephants and Ethics group, which works on the ethical dimensions of elephant conservation and management. She has also presented at the Wilson Centre on the politics of Peace Parks, as part of their Environmental Change and Security Project. In 2001-2003 she was the academic co-ordinator for a British Council funded link between the Department of Politics and International Relations at Lancaster University and the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Addis Ababa. Rosaleen is also Book Reviews Editor for the Journal of Modern African Studies.

"Rosaleen is a member of the Society and Environment Research Group, which is an inter-disciplinary network of researchers drawn from the School of Environment and Development and the School of Social Sciences at Manchester University. Research within the group involves analysing the complex relationships involved in environmental change. In particular, SERG examines the power relations embedded within environment-society interactions in diverse places and contexts.

"She is convenor of the Africa Forum which meets twice per semester to discuss the practical and ethical issues surrounding research on and in Sub-Saharan Africa. The group is primarily intended to provide a space for discussion for doctoral students." [1]

Current Research

"Principal Investigator, ESRC grant of £94,000 (ESRC reference RES-000-22-2599) Neoliberalising Nature? A Comparative Analysis of Asian and African Elephant Based Ecotourism (Dec 2007-Nov 2008). The ecotourism industry often relies on charismatic mega-fauna, and the elephant is regularly used as a key 'attraction' so that they hold a central place in ecotourist imaginings of what constitutes a nature-based experience. The purpose of this project is to examine whether ecotourism neoliberalises nature through developing and implementing ecotourism as a strategy for environmentally sustainable economic development; it will examine these debates in relation to a specific case: the development of elephant-based ecotourism in Thailand and Botswana...

"Rosaleen Duffy is currently working on a single authored monograph about the relationships between conservation and criminalisation, entitled Nature Crime: In the Shadow of Conservation (under contract to Yale University Press)" [2]


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