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"The Ruckus Society was formed in 1995, sparked by the intersection of the passage of a federal anti-environmental law, Greenpeace budget cuts, and two infamous nonviolence practitioners. The Timber Salvage Rider, an anti-environment, pro-logging bill was signed into law by President Bill Clinton in the spring of 1995, the passage of this bill catalyzed a large, vocal, and well-organized response from activists. Leading environmental organizations called for an all-out effort to stop timber sales and shut down the agencies that permitted them and forest defenders took to the woods for blockades on the ground and in the air." [1]

"We are living in a time of extreme challenges: stopping the war in Iraq, thwarting climate change catastrophes, reclaiming the commons from corporations, conquering our addiction to oil, and protecting human rights. In order to effectively meet these challenges, now, more than ever, environmental and social justice organizers must develop winning strategies that are creative, nonviolent, and take their lead from impacted communities. By building on the traditions of leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., we, at The Ruckus Society, provide our partner organizations and activists with the tools, training, and support necessary to tackle these problems and achieve their goals." [2]

Cofounder, Mike Roselle


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Former board members:




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