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SOS International (SOSi) describes itself as "an international management consulting firm that provides a broad spectrum of services to the U.S. Government and large private companies in the Defense & Aerospace services industry." Its services include "intelligence logistics, linguistic and technical support solutions that extend beyond national boundaries, and the people with the technical and cultural backgrounds to put those solutions to work." [1]

In September 2008, SOSi was one of four firms that won an up to three-year, $300 million contract for "information operations" in Iraq and possibly Afghanistan. The other firms were Leonie Industries, a woman-owned company that promises "access to seemingly impenetrable markets" around the world; Lincoln Group, which was outed in 2005 for planting U.S. military-written pieces in Iraqi newspapers; and MPRI, a unit of L-3 Communications that won a contract in 2003 to involve former Iraqi soldiers in public works projects. The new PR push was described by the U.S. military as "a means toward 'reconciliation' of the country and a way to foster support for Iraqi Security Forces from Iraqi civilians." [1]


On its website, SOSi lists the following as services it offers: [2]

  • Counterintelligence & Human Intelligence Support
  • Signals Intelligence Facility Management
  • International Logistics Support
  • Platform and On-the-Job Technical & Operational Intelligence Training
  • Role Player Support
  • Linguist Support and Translation & Interpretation Services
  • Foreign Language Training
  • Telecommunications, Information Technology & Systems Support
  • Security Consulting
  • Personnel Outsourcing


In June 2006, O'Dwyer's PR Daily reported that SOSi had won a major contract from the U.S. military's Strategic Operations Command. The contract, worth up to $67 million through 2010, involves tracking "foreign press in several languages across Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Mexico with a focus on the so-called Global War on Terrorism." Perennial Pentagon favorite the Rendon Group formerly held the contract. [3]

O'Dwyer's added that SOSi "was one of four companies awarded a multi-million contract with the FBI last year to train and provide role players to support the Bureau's nationwide counterintelligence training program." It's also worked for the United Nations, providing "anti-money laundering training" in Nigeria; for Kellogg Brown and Root, providing linguists; and for the National Security Agency. [4]


"An integral part of our operational strategy at SOSi is to partner with companies, large and small, that offer complementary products and services," states the firm's website, listing the following as partners: [5]

Contact information

SOS International Ltd.
99 Wall Street, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10005

Phone: (212) 742-2410
Fax: (212) 742-2399

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  1. "Defense Taps PR Firms for Iraq," O'Dwyer's PR Daily (sub req'd), September 25, 2008.

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