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SRS Technologies, "since its founding in 1970, has become a dynamic engineering company providing diversified Information Technology Services and Products to Government and commercial customers on a worldwide basis. SRS' mission is: a) to provide the very best services in System Engineering, System Integration and Information Technologies; b) to foster continuous innovation and performance improvement; c) to achieve annual growth of 20%; and d) to provide maximum opportunity, growth and satisfaction for its stockholders and employees," according to the SRS web site.

SRS boasts a "strong focus" on the Intelligence Community. [1]

On April 9th, 2007, ManTech International Corporation announced they would acquire SRS Technologies. This would be the largest acquisition in their history and one which will deepen their "position as a leading player in the national security marketplace," said president and CEO, Robert Coleman.

The acquisition is currently subject to particular conditions and must be approved under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act. ManTech officials expect the acquisition to be completed in the second quarter this year. [2]

Asia Times reports on May 25, 2004, that "Before he joined the Bush Sr administration (George H.W. Bush administration), Stephen A. Cambone worked for SRS Technologies, a defense contractor. SRS recently received a US$6 million contract to provide administrative and management support for the Missile Defense Agency.

"SRS has also received a lot of attention recently for its work on the controversial military effort to mine the passenger records of JetBlue. Torch Concepts, the SRS subcontractor that worked on the project, 'worked directly with the army and had a specific mandate to ferret information out of [the] data stream [to find the] abnormal behavior of secretive people', said SRS's Bart Edsall in an interview with Wired News. Privacy advocates immediately cried foul when the story broke. Lee Tien of the Electronic Frontier Foundation said: 'We should put the brakes on all these data mining programs and have a serious national conversation, because travel data is just one example of the many kinds of data every data-mining operation wants to suck in from private business.'"

SRS reported on April 19, 2002, that "SRS Technologies was recently selected as the single prime contractor to support DARPA's Information Awareness Office. We are excited and proud to be supporting this group, and their initiatives in the development of technologies and systems to 'counter asymmetric threats by achieving total information awareness useful for preemption and security warning & decision-making.'"

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