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"The School of Wisdom is an idea, and a timeless tradition. It was first re-manifested in modern times in 1920 in Darmstadt, Germany by the efforts of Count Hermann Keyserling. The School has had many important students and teachers over the years, including psychologist, Carl Jung, translator of the I Ching and sinologist, Richard Wilhelm, German novelist and Noble prize winner, Hermann Hesse, Noble prize winning Indian poet, Rabindranath Tagore, and theologian, Paul Tillich. After the death of Count Keyserling in 1946, his son, Arnold Keyserling took over this idea/tradition. In the early 1990s Arnold for the first time allowed two of his American students, Ralph and Molly, to begin using the School of Wisdom name and carry on its tradition and ideas. Today most of the activities of the School of Wisdom are carried out in CyberSpace.

"During its initial years between the two world wars under the guidance of Hermann Keyserling, the School of Wisdom served as a spiritual beacon of a newly emerging world consciousness. It was intended by Count Keyserling as a center of education for a future universal, trans-national humanity. The featured speaker at the school's opening in 1920 was the Nobel Prize winning author and educator, Rabindranath Tagore, whose own Santiniketan University in Bengal (also known as Visva Bharati) enshrined the same goal of the education of the universal human being. The opening program texts were called "Politics, Economics, Wisdom" and "Newly Emerging World" and were translated and published around the world.

"In 1933 the School of Wisdom was outlawed by the National Socialist Regime, and in 1944 the buildings were destroyed in the War. After the war, the Austrian government invited Hermann Keyserling to reopen the school in Innsbruck and his son, Arnold Keyserling, ran the school after his death in 1946. At the time Arnold took over the School of Wisdom, he was commuting weekends from Vienna to Paris to study with his then primary teacher, George Gurdjieff...Arnold Keyserling, and his wife Wilhelmine, were both students and friends of George Gurdjieff. The Keyserlings subsequently developed their own version of the Enneagram which Gurdjieff brought to the West. With the help of their American student, Ralph, the Keyserlings also continued Gurdjieff's work with esoteric Music which they call "Chakra Music" or PrimaSounds."[1]



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