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"Seeds of Change is the only seed catalogue in the world that is 100% organic. The company grows their products through a network of privately owned farms across the US. They have also recently founded two European research farms in Scandinavia... In Autumn 1992, a young man called Stephen Badger turned up at the farm offering his services. Howard and Nancy were impressed with Stephen’s enthusiasm and intelligence, and he soon became an integral part of the team. As time went on, it became apparent that Stephen was a member of the family behind Mars, Incorporated. Although the food products manufactured at this time by Mars was anything but organic, the company has a strong history of food quality and efficient resource usage.

"Mars was looking for a way to develop these principles and enter the organic food market. At this same time, the Shapiros were looking for a way to communicate their organic mission to the widest audience possible. The marriage of Mars’ world-class business sense, finance and food industry knowledge with Seeds of Change’s organic vision and integrity was mutually beneficial and harmonious. In 1997, Mars bought Seeds of Change, launching a range of quality organic convenience foods in the UK, Scandinavia, USA, Australia and Ireland. Howard has remained at the forefront of the organisation as well as becoming Research Manager of Plant Science for the entire Mars operation." [1]



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