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Sharyle Patton "is the director of the Commonweal Environmental Health Program in Bolinas, CA, which seeks to protect human and ecosystem health from environmental contaminants. Commonweal takes a science-based approach to the challenge of reducing manmade contaminants in the environment, and is engaged in initiatives that include the Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE), Health Care Without Harm (HCWH), the International POPS Elimination Network, and the Commonweal Biomonitoring Resource Center.

"Sharyle was previously the northern co-chair of the International Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPS) Elimination Network, a network of over 350 non-governmental organizations around the world which worked successfully for the positive conclusion of the United Nations treaty on POPS, signed in May 2001. She was the chair of the Citizens Network for Sustainable Development in the early-to mid-90’s, serving on the UN Commission on Sustainable Development during that time. Sharyle has also produced several documentaries, including “The Man Behind the Bomb, Leo Szilard” for NOVA in the mid-80’s.

"Sharyle has been active on women’s reproductive health and sexual rights issues for many years. She was an anti-war activist during her college years at Reed in the 1960’s, and was a professional musician from 1968-1978." [1]

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