Sheetal S. Matani

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Sheetal S. Matani – Research and Strategy Specialist for the Center for International Media Action.

"A frequent CIMA advisor and collaborator prior to joining the staff, Sheetal contributed her research and analytical skills to the OMG Center for Collaborative Learning. At the OMG Center, she managed an evaluation of the Ford Foundation’s Electronic Media Policy Portfolio to assess the impact of the Foundation’s investment in media and telecommunications public interest advocacy and activism. She also coordinated the Listening Project, a documentation project supported by the Ford Foundation for advocates, activists, researchers and funders working in the media reform and media justice areas to share points of view about strategy and broader vision of change in the field. At OMG, she also contributed to several evaluations in the fields of community development, education, and human services, and has helped facilitate a network of human service providers and advocacy groups addressing immigration issues. Before OMG, Sheetal worked at the Washington Free Clinic, where she served as a prenatal health care advocate, and managed an assessment of the health needs of HIV-positive community residents. She also served on the staff of the Urban Institute, where she helped investigate pre- and post-welfare reform trends in childcare and immigrant health. Sheetal recently received a scholarship from the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) to attend the World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela as a member of the US Communications Rights Delegation. She has also helped designed and participate in strategy and planning meetings at the National Conference on Media Reform in 2003 and in 2005.“ [1]

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