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Sonja Licht, Serbia and Montenegro

"A long-time member of the Yugoslav democratic opposition, Ms. Licht was co-chair of the International Helsinki Citizens' Assembly, a broad coalition of civic movements, groups, and initiatives founded in Prague in 1990. During the late 1990s, Ms. Licht was the President of the Fund for an Open Society Yugoslavia, which played a crucial role in keeping a vibrant non-governmental sector alive in Serbia during the Milosevic regime. Ms. Licht helped organize civic initiatives, including get-out-the-vote and information campaigns, in the lead up to September 2000 elections that ousted Milosevic. Ms. Licht is now Director of the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, a part of the Council of Europe's network for democracy program that works to build and promote a sustainable, new, responsible leadership in the political and civil society spheres in Serbia and Montenegro." [1]

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