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"The Sophia Institute is a center of learning that cultivates wisdom, mindfulness and the conscious feminine and masculine. Our programs, led by nationally and internationally renowned thought leaders, create a more just, sustainable and flourishing world.

"Purpose: The purpose of The Sophia Institute is to be a source and a beacon in today’s world for profound transformation and unlimited spiritual growth. Using a new model of spiritual partnership and integration between feminine and masculine values, the Institute fosters a spirit of co-creative wisdom that calls forth the unique gifts of each individual.

"Vision: The Sophia Institute looks towards a world that could be called a wisdom society, a 21st century that could be called The Sophia Century: a conscious enlightened world, a compassionate global community, where wisdom, wholeness, sustainability, healing, and the conscious feminine and masculine are at the center of life. As we face new challenges in a world in transformation, we are dedicated to the vision that together we can create a more conscious and enlightened world, a world in renaissance that expresses the vastness of the human potential."[1]


Accessed September 2013: [2]

The Sophia Institute hosts some of the world’s foremost teachers, speakers and presenters of transformative thought that fosters integration of the sacred feminine and masculine for the transformation of self and society. Learn more about the faculty and their work: Carol Anderson, Angeles Arrien, Christopher Bamford, Sera Beak, Tater Beak, Charlotte Beers, Linda Bender, Eve Blossom, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Joan Borysenko, Henk Brandt, Lynne Brooke, Rick Brown, Nina Bruhns, Ellen Burstyn, Judy Cornwell, Tradd Cotter, Louise Doire, Anna Douglas, Carolyn Evans, Carol Lee Flinders, Erica Ariel Fox, China Galland, Richard Garcia, Jim Garrison, Kay Goldstein, Barbara Hagerty, Ursel Sarala Harmon, Andrew Harvey, Terry Helwig, bell hooks, Jean Houston, Carly Howard, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Josephine Humphreys, Helen LaKelly Hunt, Stephanie Hunt, Ann Igoe, Eliza Ingle, Lee Irwin, Laura Jarrait, Jacqueline Kabat, Daryn Kagan, Gloria Karpinski, Sue Monk Kidd, Paula Todd King, David Krajovic, Pat Krajovic, Kurt Lamkin, Francine LaPointe, Anne LeClaire, Bokara Legendre, Pat Luce, Sharon Martin, Bill McKibben, Lisa McQuade, Lynne McTaggart, Clare Meyer, Susan Laughter Meyers, Pat Mitchell, Devaa Haley Mitchell, Debra Moffitt, Terry Monell, Mary Alice Monroe, Maureen Murdock, Natalie Goldberg, Mark Nepo, Pam Noble, Kathleen Norris, Andrea Olsen, Christine Page, Lama Palden, Lacquanna Paul, Robert Powell, Nancy Qualls-Corbett, Paula Reeves, Jewell Parker Rhodes, Velcrow Ripper, Carolyn Rivers, Stephaney Robinson, Carlos Cesar Rodriguez, Marianne Rosen, Peggy Rubin, Anna Schalk, Ileana Shaner, Anne Rivers Siddons, Jane Sloane, Gus Speth, Margaret Starbird, Susan Finch Stevens, Gail Straub, Ann Kidd Taylor, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Robert Thurman, Bonnie Myotai Treace, Daphne Tse, Lynne Twist, Lindsay Wagner, Susan Hull Walker, Marcy Walsh, Ellen Watson, Margaret Wheatley, David Whyte, Carmen Williams, Marianne Williamson, Community Cinema, Marion Woodman, Len Young, Claire Zammit, Ingrid Zimmer


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National Advisory Board

Accessed September 2013: [4]



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