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From January 2002: "The goal of the Sophia Project is to advance the scholarly study of astrology and cultural astronomy in British institutions of higher education. We seek to make it possible to study any aspect, past or present, of the heavens’ human significance – whether social, intellectual, cultural, religious or psychological – and to do so in accordance with the best academic standards. Funds for this purpose are administered by the Sophia Trust, which is advised by a steering committee comprised of trustees and elected representatives from the astrological community.

"At present the Sophia Project is funding four principal initiatives:

  • "The Warburg Institute, University of London: A short-term research fellowship, the Sophia Fellowship, will provide funding for one month (£1,000), two months (£1,800) or three months (£2,600) to pursue research into any aspect of the history of astrology or cultural astronomy in any period up till 1700. Applicants must be 29 years of age or older. The first position was advertised in October 2001 for tenure in the academic year 2001-2002. We are hoping to hold a joint Warburg/ Sophia research seminar in summer 2002. Details from Miss Anita Pollard (email: Website:
  • "The University of Southampton: Professor Chris Bagley, of the Social Work Studies Department, has started a Research Group for the Critical Study of Astrology. The group is working with several social science postgraduate students with relevant research concerns (for example, the efficacy of astrology as a counselling tool). It has also embarked on establishing a comprehensive online data-base, complete with brief abstracts, on research into astrology. Details from Prof. Bagley (email: Websites: http://www.rgcsa and
  • "The University of Kent at Canterbury: An undergraduate course – part of the study of Mysticism and Religious Experience – began in September 2001, and a module in the MA starts in January 2002. Both are entitled ‘Cosmology and Divination’, and take as their starting-point astrology as a divinatory practice in the ancient, classical, Renaissance and modern worlds. Course details from Dr Peter Moore (email: Website:
  • "In autumn 2002 a pioneering Centre for the Study of Cultural Astronomy and Astrology will open, in its own premises, at Bath Spa University College. Its purpose is to promote the academic study of astrology and its practice, and to pursue research, scholarship and teaching on the relationship between cosmological, astronomical and astrological myths, beliefs and theories, and society, politics, religion and the arts, both past and present. It will offer an MA. The Centre will be led by a Principal Lecturer supported by a Senior Lecturer (although the latter position may be split). Contact details will be available later in the year; in the meantime, please direct enquiries to the Sophia Project secretary." [1]


The SOPHIA PROJECT, 60 Ivydale Road, Nunhead, London SE15 3BS

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