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SourceWatch can be seen as complement to Wikipedia. Since both use the Free Documentation License for articles, parts of them can be easily exchanged, when beneficial.

Wikipedia is a general encyclopedia covering all topics that traditionally belong in an encyclopedia. SourceWatch covers the one specific subject of propaganda-related items, in which much more detailed background information can be given.

A key difference between Wikipedia and SourceWatch is that Wikipedia's editorial policy is based around the concept of neutrality. Unfortunately, a neutral point of view only works when there is a universal consensus on at least the basic, key facts, a state which is hard to achieve in the face of disinformation. Thus, SourceWatch is based on the policy of "fairness and accuracy".

In the near future, more topic-specific, wiki-based, free encyclopedias will probably be initiated.

Controversial Content on Wikipedia

Moving content from SourceWatch to Wikipedia may require a slight shift in tone. For a good example of how controversial topics can be handled on Wikipedia, see the "John F. Kennedy assassination" article there. Recent coverage of the Iraq war has also supported a surprisingly wide range of views without collapsing into argument or hostile presentation; this may also be helpful or instructive.

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