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TreePad Lite

TreePad is light-weight Data Storage Program. It is the light version of TrePad. It stores data is a ascii(text) file, and is almost completely intuitive to use, so there are no learning curves to struggle with before running it.

It's a very good program for storing small to medium pieces of data in one place. It works very well for copying parts of web pages, for further use or study. Its layout looks like a windows file explorer, and you have complete control over the folders and the structure. One of its finest windows features is that it doesn't muck up your system. It is a stand alone executable.

The home page for treepad light is

TreePad Lite is created by Henk Hagedoorn, Freebyte!, and he deserves the citation for this nice bit of freeware.

Sorry, no apple build yet, but there is a Java-based clone that is free and os independent. It's home page is at:

FreeByte's text-Search Engine

Freebyte also offers a freeware text searching program for your computer. It's great for finding that piece of data you know you put somewhere, but just can't remember where. At 557kb, it's a lightweight utility worth having.

Online Acronyms & Abbreviations lookup

MozWiki Editor...not yet primetime

An extension for Mozilla/Firebird based browsers looks promising. It allows wysiwyg editing of mediawiki pages from within a browser. Unfortunately, it is still bug-ridden. Not recommended for persons unfamiliar with beta-testing Mozilla extensions.

Citation tools

Cite4Wiki (Firefox only)

download page


download page


Wikipedia page

General page for Wikipedia citation tools

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