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"Spring was created in 1941 by the Analytical Psychology Club of New York and published and edited by the Club from 1941 until 1969. The Club had close ties to Jung and Zürich, especially through founding Club members, Kristine Mann and Eleanor Bertine, along with Esther Harding. The early issues of the Journal reflect that close connection, which contain articles by C.G. Jung himself, Marie-Louise von Franz, Barbara Hannah, Aniela Jaffé, Erich Neumann, Mircea Eliade, Edward Whitmont, Henry Zimmer, Esther Harding, H.G. Baynes, C.A. Meier, Victor White, Frances Wickes, Rivkah Schaerf, Kristine Mann, and Jane Pratt, among others.

"In 1970, the editorship and publication of Spring was transferred by the Club to James Hillman, who moved the Journal to Zürich where he was living at the time. Hillman had received his analyst’s diploma from the C.G. Jung Institute in Zürich. In 1959, he was appointed Director of Studies at the Institute where he also taught. In the first volume of Spring edited by Hillman, he published his own seminal paper Why ‘Archetypal Psychology’?...

"Under Hillman’s editorship, the Journal’s direction was focused on inaugurating the swerve in the field that has become known as archetypal psychology. A long-time participant in the Eranos conferences, Hillman drew on that sensibility in editing Spring, emphasizing ‘image oriented’ thought. Contributors to the Journal during his tenure included: Patricia Berry (who served as co-editor of Spring with Hillman from 1983-1986)...

"Nancy Cater, M.S.W., J.D., PhD, became the editor of Spring in 2003 and moved its offices to her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, where Spring is located today and where she continues to serve as editor." [1]

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