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Biographical Details

"Sri Bhagavan was born on March 7, 1949, in Natham Village, Tamil Nadu, to Smt. Vaidarbhi Amma and Sri Varadarajulu, parents who fostered their son’s awareness of the role of divine grace in our lives...

"In the clarity of his understanding, Sri Bhagavan also saw that material conditions were peripheral to the reality of human suffering. They were not the root of the problem, but at some point they became entangled with the search for solutions...

"He met Sri Amma and discovered that she had the same desire and intent. They were married on June 9, 1976.

"With Sri Amma now as his partner, they founded the Jeevashram school in 1984. This institution, devoted to educating and loving students in a holistic manner, became the cradle of the Oneness phenomenon. As the Deeksha started pouring through the young students, Sri AmmaBhagavan saw that this energy was given for the benefit of all humanity, not to liberate a chosen few, but to share the grace of Oneness Deeksha with anyone and everyone looking for transformation, healing, and a purposeful, joyous life. From the Jeevashram school and later the University, Sri AmmaBhagavan created a body of teachings suited for the new earth in this new millennium." [1]

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