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Biographical Information

"’58 Started documenting expeditions to create a repertoire of lecture films. For the next 10-15 years made films about the sea and diving. Most were ultimately purchased for television use in documentary series.

"’65-’66 Took his family to French Polynesia to live in the islands for the entire year. National Geographic purchased the television rights. The story of an American family in the islands became one of their most popular hours.

"Other films during that period focused on: an expedition up the Amazon to capture fresh water dolphins; an archeological survey of the Asia Minor coast resulted in the discovery of the oldest shipwreck at that time (1,300 BC/Late Bronze Age); a study of the right whales off the coast of Patagonia; Dr. Sylvia Earl and the Tektite ll experiment in living under water; narwhals in the Arctic Circle filmed for the first time under water; and diving the Hawaiian Islands with the first deep-water footage of black coral divers at work.


  • Blue Water, White Death
  • Peter Benchley & the ABC American Sportsman Show

"Stan produced The Lost Treasure of the Concepcion for CBS and Audubon World of Sharks for Turner Broadcasting and PBS. He and his family were the subject of a 2-hour documentary by The Discovery Channel entitled, The Man Who Loves Sharks.

"The Explorer's Club: He carried the flag of the Explorer’s club on three expeditions: The Cochran Archeological Expedition to Asia Minor; the Niagra Falls Dolphin Expedition Up the Amazon and The Macinnis Narwhal Expedition to the Arctic Circle. He reported all in the Explorer’s Journal." [1]

  • Honorary President The Antibes International Underwater Film Festival 2001
  • Honorary President Seventh Annual Celebrate the Sea Convention and Film Festival in Manila
  • Trustee of Women Divers Hall of Fame
  • President of Shark Research Institute from 1993 to early 2010
  • Board of Directors of Shark Savers
  • Advisory Board, Sea Save Foundation [2]

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