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Stephan T. McGuire

"Stephan is in preproduction on a documentary called "Losing My Religion", which through interviews will document Jehovah's Witnesses as they leave the authoritarian sect and find their way in the world. He is also co-writing a feature film about 3 fundamentalist Christians whose faiths are adversely affected by a young womans death.

"For most of the past 8 years, Stephan has been a Producer with Tree Media Group. Stephan is the Associate Producer on the documentary 'The 11th Hour', narrated and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. For 3 years, he produced Woody Harrelson's Voice Yourself website portal and completed web projects for Global Green, the 2000 Presidential Campaign Library for the Council on Foreign Relations, as well as for California's Heal the Bay.

"Stephan is a certified teacher of sustainable, earth restorative farming and living practices called "Permaculture". He studied on the island of Hawaii in 2001-2002 and in Costa Rica 2003-2004. Permaculture techniques focus on making our communities healthy, culturally rich, and self-reliant models of integrated living.

"Stephan is also the Founder and President of the Coalition for a Sustainable Africa, CSAfrica is an international coalition dedicated to creative and collective solutions to the inextricable economic, social and environmental challenges facing Africa today." [1]

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