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Steve Rosenthal, CEO of America Coming Together, is also executive director of Partnership for America's Families, "a political action committee financed with $20 million from unions and as much as $10 million from individual, pro-Democratic donors." [1] [2]

"During the first three years of the Clinton administration, Rosenthal served as Associate Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor where he acted as former-Secretary Robert Bernard Reich's chief advisor on union matters. Before that he was Deputy Political Director for the Democratic National Committee under Chairman Ron Brown and Political Director Paul Tully." [3]

Rosenthal was Political Director of the AFL-CIO from 1996-2002, "where he developed a groundbreaking voter contact program that increased voter turnout of union members by 4.8 million during a time when nonunion turnout decreased by 15 million." [4] [5]

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