Stuart W. Epperson

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Stuart W. Epperson is chairman of Salem Communications Corporation, the "leading U.S. radio broadcaster focused on religious and family themed programming with 92 radio stations in 36 radio markets. He has served in that role since founding the company in 1986 with brother-in-law, Edward G. Atsinger III. Mr. Epperson is a graduate of Bob Jones University with a bachelor's degree in radio and television broadcasting and a master's degree in communications. He has been involved in broadcasting since the late 1950s when he worked as a disc jockey, and he built his first radio station in 1961. He lives in Winston-Salem with his wife, Nancy, where he is an active member of his community. His is one of the founders of the Winston Salem Rescue Mission, Salem Pregnancy Support Center, and founder of One Kid at A Time, and a two-time nominee for the U.S. Congress. Mr. Epperson and Mr. Atsinger have worked hand-in-hand to fulfill their dream of building a media group focused on religious and family themes."[1]

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