Su Shaozhi

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Su Shaozhi is on the advisory board for Beijing Spring and is the chairperson for the Princeton China Initiative. [1]

"82-year-old Su was once the leading researcher in the field of China's political system reform. He was the former director of the Theory Department of the People's Daily and former director of the Marxism Institute of Academy of Social Science of China. All his posts were dismissed during the anti-liberalism movement in 1987. In the beginning of 1989, together with Fang Lizhi and other researchers, Su carried out the New Enlightenment Movement at Du Le Book Shop in Beijing. In April 1989, Yan Jiaqi, Su Shaozhi and Bao Zunxin jointly signed the open letter to the Shanghai Municipal government and strongly protested against the forceful shutdown of the World Economic Herald by Jiang Zemin, who was mayor of Shanghai during that period. Mr. Su was forced into exile after June of 1989 and currently lives in New Jersey." [2]

"The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation had made contact with him in the 1980s, and seen to it that his book on Democratisation and Reform was published by the Spokesman Press in 1988. Professor Su believed that democratisation was necessary and possible in China, and suffered exile for his beliefs." [3]

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