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Sudan-American Foundation for Education (SAFE) "was established in 1985 as a nonprofit [501 (c)3] by concerned American and Sudanese business persons, academics, and government officials to help improve educational opportunities for Sudanese children and youth. Currently, this goal is being accomplished by collecting and delivering donated books to university, college, and public libraries throughout the Sudan." [1]



Accessed October 2007: [2]

  • President - Osman Alnifaidy - Former Professor, Khartoum University , Consultant
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Edith H. Grotberg - Adjunct professor, Georgetown University , former Professor, the Ahfad University for Women; former Professor, American University


  • Ismail Abdalla - Professor of African History, College of William and Mary
  • Kamal ElMahdi - Consultant, Telecommunications
  • Ibrahim A. Elbadawi - Lead Economist and Co-Manager, World Bank Research Project on the Economics of Political and Criminal Violence
  • Lee G. Burchinal - Former Associate Professor, Iowa State University; Adjunct Professor, The Ahfad University for Women; Founder and Executive Director, SAFE
  • Donna Cowan
  • Mohamed Khalil, Consultant: International Law, former Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Khartoum ; now a consultant
  • Abdelrahim E. Abdelraof - ECPI College of Technology
  • Peter Bechtold - Chief, Middle East Section, Foreign Policy Institute, Department of State
  • Tagelsir Elrayah - Language Training Supervisor for Arabic, Foreign Service Institute
  • Eltayeb A. El Salawi - Former Sudanese Under-Secretary of Education and Cultural Attaché to the USA ; Director of Education, Islamic Saudi Academy
  • Ibrahim Azim Samara - Retired OAU administrrator (Organization of African Unity )
  • Omar E. Taha - Desk officer, International Medical Corps, Washington , D.C.
  • John Voll - Professor of Islamic history, Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University
  • Lee Burchinal, Executive Director - Sudan-American Foundation for Education, Inc.

Former Directors

"The following persons have served as SAFE directors in past years. Names of current directors are listed under Directors . Names are listed in alphabetical order based on first names. This follows the Arab custom of using first names for individuals. Titles and organizational affiliations are listed as of the time the individuals served as directors of SAFE. [3]



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