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Sudan Organisation Against Torture (SOAT) "is an independent non-governmental human rights organisation established in 1993 working in Sudan and UK and has members worldwide. SOAT primary objective is preventing torture and challenging impunity.

"SOAT works to rehabilitate Sudanese survivors of torture; provides legal assistance to survivors and individuals threatened with inhumane and degrading punishments; human rights education; researches, documents and campaigns against human rights abuses in Sudan on a national and international level." [1]

NED Funding [2]

In 2003 they received a $27,000 from the NED "To organize the first ever symposium on human rights education in conjunction with the Ahfad University for Women of Sudan. The symposium will include workshops on human rights in the Sudanese public and private educational system, the role of civil society, public private media, and human rights education. The Organization will compile the proposals and recommendations from the symposium into a book and also produce a manual for human rights education."

People (2008-09) [3]


Staff London Head Office:

Staff at partner organisations Khartoum Centre for Human Rights and Environmental Development (KCHRED):


Regional Monitors:


Argo House , Kilburn Park Road, London

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