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"The roots of Sunbridge lie in 1967 in the founding of the Waldorf Institute in Detroit, MI. The Institute was begun by noted Waldorf teacher and anthroposophist Werner Glas and his wife Barbara, a eurythmist, in conjunction with Detroit’s Mercy College. It was the first Waldorf teacher education program in North America and only the second English-speaking Waldorf teacher education program in the world. The Waldorf Institute thrived in the ‘60s and ‘70s with the rapid growth of the American and Canadian Waldorf school movements.

"In 1979, the Waldorf Institute left downtown Detroit and moved to suburban Southfield, MI, to facilities on the campus of a Franciscan monastery. As it grew, a search began for a site that would be closer to initiatives and institutions where students could experience the various activities inspired by anthroposophy and Waldorf education." [1]


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