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Susan George "is a writer and development campaigner from France. She is currently vice president of ATTAC France and the author of some 10 books including ‘How the Other Half Lives and Faith and Credit: the World Bank's Secular Empire’." [1]


  • How the Other Half Dies (Penguin, 1976). (An analysis of the real reasons for world hunger.)
  • A Fate Worse Than Debt (Penguin, 1988). (An analysis of the reasons for Third World debt.)
  • The Debt Boomerang (Pluto Press, 1992). (Continuing the theme of Third World debt and its harmful effects.)
  • The Lugano Report: On Preserving Capitalism in the 21st Century (Pluto Press, 2003).
  • Another World Is Possible If (Verso Books, 2004).

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