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Susan McLucas "has worked for over 20 years for peace, development and social justice organizations and initiatives in the U.S., Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. The founding director of Project Stop Excision, she has traveled to Mali for six extended stays, beginning in 1997, and has worked with numerous Malian partners building a coalition to educate, raise awareness of, and stop female genital mutilation. She designed and produced the poster "Let's Stop Excising" (1997) later distributed by UNICEF; the album "Stop Excision" involving top Malian artists (2000) and the video "We Can Say 'No! We Refuse!'" which has run on Malian television. She helped initiate the "Pledge Against Excision" and her Malian partners founded Sini Sanuman which now coordinates the Pledge, with its coalition of partner groups. She has also worked with Earth Works Urban Orchards in Somerville, Mass, overseeing 15 public fruit gardens, and she operates the Bicycle Barn & Riding School, where about 2000 adults have learned to ride a bicycle." [1]

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